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Three guys, 30 players and a Zoom meeting; A Clovis fantasy baseball draft

What would three all-star teams made entirely of Clovis Unified baseball players look like? Well, Paul Meadors, Austin Kemp and Jeff Brown got together and drafted their version of an elite team. If they faced each other, who would come out on top? Let the speculation begin.

Team Meadors:

  1. Evan Wallace, Buchanan 3B
  2. Temo Becerra, Buchanan SS
  3. Noal Beal, Clovis P
  4. Art Navarette, Clovis West 1B
  5. Hayden Driggs, Clovis West C
  6. Josh Williams, Buchanan LF
  7. Tanner Ewell, Clovis West RF
  8. Blake Asadoor, Clovis North CF
  9. J.P. Acosta, Buchanan 2B

Reserve pitcher: Noah Galvan, Clovis West

When you look at this squad two words come to mind: No Mercy. This team has the Cobra Kai mantra written all over it with speed, power, defense, pitching, the ingredients of a champion. Let’s start with the No. 1 overall pick of the draft Noah Beal – a UNLV signee that can pump 90 MPH and mash at the plate, a true dual-threat dude. And every stud pitcher needs a battery mate and there’s no one I’d rather send behind the dish than three-year starter Hayden Driggs, who will have plenty of RBI chances. You want another masher? OK, I got a left-handed cleanup hitter in Art Navarette who had already hit two bombs this year. And this squad boasts two players whose dads played in the Major Leagues in Josh Williams (son of Keith Williams) and Blake Asadoor (son of Randy Asadoor). Now that’s pedigree. Up the middle I have a pair of slick-fielding Buchanan Bears with freshman J.P. Acosta and Temo Becerra, a Stanford commit who can turn on any fastball. Future star Evan Williams is a hit machine and All-Clovis football linebacker Tanner Ewell brings toughness. And let’s close things up with Fresno State signee Noah Galvan for my final three innings on the bump. Yep, that’s my squad that I’m riding with – read ‘em and weep boys.  

Team Brown:

  1. Miles Henderson, Clovis SS
  2. Cason Brownell, Clovis North 2B
  3. Austin Young, Buchanan C
  4. Blake King, Clovis North, 1B
  5. Riley Cooper, Clovis North P
  6. Ian Mortenson, Clovis OF
  7. Ryan Tiger, Clovis, OF
  8. Brayden Nicholson, Clovis 3B
  9. Sky Collins, Buchanan OF

Reserve Pitcher: Tyler Parker, Clovis East P

Speed Kills, chicks dig the long ball, and this team can’t lose. My team consists of the FASTEST outfield, the MOST versatile infield, two DOMINANT Friday Night starters, and a horse to ride behind the plate – all essentials in the making of a championship-caliber team that will wipe the floor with any other teams. The speed, range, and tracking ability of this outfield will blow all other Valley outfields out of the water. Around the horn the infield is composed of leaders on and off the field – some of the smoothest fielders up the middle and most consistent players holding down the corners. On the bump, there is a total of 6+ years of varsity experience with the numbers to back it up. You can count their losses on your hands, while it takes innumerable appendages to count their wins. Behind the plate is what you look for in a catcher- a great defender and someone who knows how to handle the pitching staff. This guy can do both and so much more. Oh..and I can’t forget about this team’s hitting. These guys have it all. This lineup is composed of guys that can get on base, bunt runners over, steal bases at will, and of course – hit for power. This team can’t lose. 

Team Kemp:

  1. AJ Hodgerney, Clovis East CF
  2. Brad Senneway, Clovis West SS
  3. Nolan Inouye, Clovis North LF
  4. Ixan Henderson, Clovis West SP/DH
  5. Koby Kropf, Covis C
  6. Rees Kent, Clovis North 3B
  7. Nick Marchini, Buchanan 1B
  8. Corbin Ybarra, Buchanan RF
  9. Blake Bolton, Clovis East 2B

Pitcher only: Isaac Ayon, Buchanan

Power pitching helps fuel Team Kemp with a pair of 90+ MPH arms. Ixan Henderson gets the start and will go three innings—he averages two Ks/inning (39 Ks in 19 IP). Oregon signee Isaac Ayon will throw the final four frames, coming in to fire 92-94 MPH throughout. Ayon, by the way,  finished his Buchanan career with a 10-0 record on the bump. Hodgnerney and Senneway will set the table for the offense as both hitters were hitting over .500 before the cancelled season. Nolan Inouye (All-TRAC 2019), Henderson, and Koby Kropf (All-TRAC 2019) will have plenty of opportunities for RBIs. Rees Kent, Nick Marchini, Corbin Ybarra, and Blake Bolton (.358 batting average) will round out the lineup–all bringing a unique skill set to the table. “You’re only as good as your seniors” rings true every year and my SEVEN seniors will provide enough leadership and experience to put us over the top.

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