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Clovis Sports Report 2020 baseball preview video

With the Coca-Cola Classic starting this week Paul Meadors and Austin Kemp break down the five CUSD teams in detail with who and what to look for in the coming season.

FRESNO — Paul Meadors and Austin Kemp discuss in depth the 2020 Clovis Unified teams and what to expect, key players (actually most of them!) and games to watch in this comprehensive video complete with video highlights and pictures.

This week’s schedule for Clovis Unified schools:

Tuesday, 2/11:

Bullard at #1 Clovis, 3pm

Tulare Western at #6 Buchanan, 3:30pm

Redwood at #4 Clovis North, 3:30pm

Hanford at #9 Clovis East, 3:30pm

#3 Memorial at #2 Clovis West, 6pm

Thursday, 2/13:

#4 Clovis North at Hanford, 3:30pm

#9 Clovis East at #3 Memorial, 3:30pm

Tulare Western at #1 Clovis, 3:30pm

#6 Buchanan at Bullard, 3:30pm

Tulare at #2 Clovis West, 3:30pm

Saturday, 2/15:

Redwood at #1 Clovis, 11am

#3 Memorial at #6 Buchanan, 11am

#9 Clovis East at Tulare Western, 11am

Bullard at #2 Clovis West, 11am

Fresno at #4 Clovis North, 11am

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